Undergraduate Program

Jeanette Duval Undergraduate Scholarship

One scholarship available for one female student In Physiological Science.

Applicants must:

1. be a FEMALE Physiological Science student in good standing (GPA=3.5+);

2. be entering the last year of the major;

3. be involved in Phy Sci 199 experimental research or be participating in the Physiological Science Departmental Honors Program (190A-B);

4. present their research at the annual Physiological Science Forum Spring Quarter;

5. have finished most of the Physiological Science core (107, 111A, 111B);

6. be nominated by a letter from their research advisor;

7. have a second letter of support from a faculty member in the Physiological Science Dept.;

8. submit a current Curriculum Vita and/or resume;

9. submit a copy of their current transcripts and/or degree progress report.

Additional Information

1. Advisors are allowed to nominate one student from their laboratory for this award

2. Letters of nomination written by faculty members should be returned to the nominee for submission with the complete application package. Letters may be returned to the applicant in sealed envelopes if the faculty member wishes to maintain confidentiality

3. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) of the Department of Physiological Science will evaluate the applications and select the award recipient. Any faculty member serving on the UAC will abstain from evaluating any candidate for his/her laboratory.