Undergraduate Program

Departmental Honors Program

If you are very involved in experimental research with a UCLA faculty member, consider working towards the Departmental Honors program distinction. Complete the following program requirements, and be a distinguished scholar within your major.

Program Requirements:

1. Complete PS 198A/B with a UCLA faculty member

a. Letter grade is given at the end of 198B
b. 4 of the 8 units can be used as one PS elective for the major

2. Contract for Honors Content in 111A or 111B or 111C

a. Can overlap with the College Honors program requirements

3. Complete 191H - Honors Seminar

a. 3 unit, P/NP seminar course
b. Should have research experience before taking the class

4. Participate in the Undergraduate Poster Session in May to present your research for 190A/B

a. Awards available for the top 3 posters (cash prizes when available)

5. Earn a 3.5+ GPA in the major by graduation

a. Includes PS 107, 111A-L, 4 PS Electives and Chem 153A/L

Contact the Undergraduate Counselor for more information:

Inna Gergel
123 Hershey Hall