Changing (or declaring) your major to Physiological Science

Students are allowed to change or declare majors after completing one full quarter at UCLA. If your first quarter is fall, you can wait until winter to change or declare your major. You must be in good academic standing and be able to finish the major within the maximum limit of 216 + AP units. Please set up an appointment with the undergraduate counselor to discuss program planning and changing or declaring your major. The counselor will be checking to see that you have an overall GPA of 2.0 in the preparation for the Phy Sci major and that you do not have more than two repeats in the prep requirements. If you have a grade less than C- in any of the prep you must repeat the course with a minimum grade of C- before you will be admitted into the major.

Double Major

You must be in good academic standing and be able to complete both majors within the maximum units (please check your Degree Progress Report for your individual maximum). You will need the approval of both departments. You are allowed a maximum of five overlapping upper division courses between the two majors. The lower division preparation can over-lap. After you have completed the preparation in both majors and two upper division courses in both majors, you can petition for the double major.

Minors or Specializations

The Physiological Science department does not offer a minor or specialization. Please check the Registrar's Office website for the current list of minors and specializations at Taking on a minor is a very personal decision, and there are many in different fields that can enhance your time here at UCLA. We suggest that you find one that fits both your schedule and your interest.