Amy Rowat
Principal Investigator
PhD, University of Southern Denmark
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University/
Brigham Women’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Amy C. Rowat is a biophysicist and Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Graduate Education in the Department of Integrative Biology & Physiology at the University of California at Los Angeles. She is also a member of the UCLA Bioengineering Department, the Center for Biological Physics, the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Broad Stem Cell Research Center. Rowat holds degrees from Mount Allison University (B.Sc. Honors Physics; B.A. Asian Studies, French, & Math), the Technical University of Denmark (M.Sc. Chemistry), and the University of Southern Denmark (Ph.D. Physics). She completed postdoctoral training at Harvard University and Brigham-Women’s Hospital, and was a Research Fellow at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). Rowat is the author of over 50 scientific papers and inventor on over 6 patents. Rowat has also pioneered the use of food to teach sophisticated concepts in science, and has both written and lectured on the topic of science and food to hundreds of UCLA students and public audiences. Rowat is also Founder and Director of the Science&Food non-profit organization and leads the Food Pod of the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA. Her work has been recognized by early career awards from national organizations like the National Science Foundation, and Dr. Rowat has received wide media coverage from outlets like the New York Times, LA Times, CBC News, and NPR.

Affiliations: Bioengineering Department; Center for Biological Physics; Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center; Broad Stem Cell Research Center; Graduate Programs of Bioengineering; Molecular, Cellular, & Integrative Physiology; Biomedical Sciences.

Alex Abdou
Undergraduate Student Researcher
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Kathleen Chen
Graduate Student Researcher
BA Chemistry, Wellesley College

Stephanie Kawecki
Graduate Student Researcher
MSc Environmental Science & BSc Biology, Loyola Marymount University

Tae-Hyung Kim
Project Scientist
Postdoctoral training, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill PhD in Biomedical Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh MS in Molecular Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea BS in Biological Sciences, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea

Chau Ly
Graduate Student Researcher
BSc Biology, UCSD

Kiya Nemati
Undergraduate Student Researcher

Sam Norris
Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD in Bioengineering, UCLA BS in Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illionois Urbana-Champaign

Sami Rafeedie
Undergraduate Student Researcher

Shruti Sharma
Undergraduate Student Researcher

Samuel Bruce (Undergraduate Summer Student), MD Student, Columbia University
Clara Chan (Graduate Student, PhD Bioengineering), Research Associate at Evasc Medical Systems
Ashley Chang (High School Summer Student), Undergraduate Student, UCLA
Alexei Christodoulides (Research Associate & Undergraduate Student Researcher), MD Student, Indiana University Medical School
Olivia Eggenberger (Undergraduate Summer Student), Graduate Student, Lausanne
Douglas Fudge (Sabbatical), Professor of Integrative Biology, Chapman University
Navjot Kaur Gill (Graduate Student, PhD MCIP), Postdoctoral candidate
Ajay Gopinath (High School Student Researcher), Computer Science Undergraduate Student, UCSD
David Hoelzle (Postdoc), Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University
David Le (Undergraduate Student Researcher)
Rebecca Liu (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Graduate Student Researcher, Food Science, Ohio State University
Joshua Lu (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Chef
Daniel Lutz (Undergraduate Student Researcher)
Marinna Madrid (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Graduate Student, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
Richard Morgan (Rotation), MD/PhD Student, MSTP Program UCLA/Caltech
Angelyn Nguyen (Graduate Student, PhD Molecular, Cellular, & Integrative Physiology), Technology Transfer Associate at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Charity Nguyen (Undergraduate Student Researcher)
Kendra Nyberg (Graduate Student, PhD Bioengineering), Research Associate at Triplebar Bio
Dongping Qi (Postdoc), Scientist, Cytolumina Technologies Corporation, Inc.
Vayu Maini Rekdal (Undergraduate Summer Student), Graduate Student, Harvard University
Mike Scott (Masters & Undergraduate Student Researcher), MD/PhD Student, Northwestern University
Anup Singh (Masters Student Researcher), Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, InnaMed
Julia Thulin (Undergraduate Student Researcher), BEng Bioengineering, UCLA
Brittany Trompetto (Undergraduate Student Researcher), BSc Physiological Sciences, UCLA
Jackson Kazuto Uriu (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Life Sciences Undergraduate Student, UCLA
Bino Varghese (Postdoc), Research Scientist, University of Southern California
Danielle Vasquez (Undergraduate Summer Student), Biology Undergraduate Student, Stanford University
Alia Welsh (Undergraduate Summer Student), Research Associate at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Sam Yang (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Research Assistant, UCLA
Morgan Yee (Undergraduate Student Researcher), Undergraduate Student, UCLA
Yang Zhuo (Visiting Researcher), Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University